Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Plans

I'm already jealous of all the vacation pictures I'm seeing everywhere, but wouldn't trade it for what's in store for me this summer.

Before moving to Bergen, we bought a fixer-upper apartment, and we've been doing just that: fixing it up. New walls and floors in the living room have just been put up, and after being here nearly a year, we're finally getting our very own couch and some furniture that will match. Hand-me-downs and cheap (so very cheap) buys at IKEA have been a slapped together mess this year, so I'm really looking forward to really making our house a home. Summer sales are in full swing, and we were able to get all the supplies to re-do our guest bedroom for fairly cheap, which is perfect timing because....

...we're getting some company this summer! A distant cousin from Germany (well, at the moment, France) and her boyfriend are coming to check out Bergen, followed by my parents, followed by a friend from high school.

Before the holiday, my boss asked me if I had any summer plans.

"Not particularly, just a lot of company to show around," I replied.

She responded like this: "Haha, well get used to that because for the first few years you live here you'll practically be running a hotel every summer!!"

I couldn't agree more, but don't mind in the slightest.

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