Saturday, March 24, 2012

Socks and Shoes and Target, Too

I miss Target. It could be, perhaps, one of the best stores in the world, but sadly only exists in the United States. The place has everything. Everything.

Work out clothes? Target has them!
Laundry soap? Target has that, too.
Milk? Target to the rescue!
Socks and underwear (and a big variety of each!)? Target.
A new purse and maybe some accessories to go with that new sweater you picked up in the other aisle? Oh, don't worry, Target's got you covered.
I left out things out like appliances, electronics, wedding invitations and thank you cards, furniture, car supplies, children's toys, baby needs, and personal hygiene products. Those are all at Target, too!

In ONE store.

Here's the weekly ad - I just have to show you how amazing the place is: Amazing Weekly Ad From Target

And, it's open til 10 at night...even on a Sunday. I get chills thinking about shopping on a Sunday, mainly because I'm really good at wanting things I simply cannot have.

But don't worry, this post isn't about being homesick for things like super stores that seemed to cure all boredom issues and shopping needs. Nope.

This is about Spring. Hang in there with me, you'll soon see why I started with a Target tangent.

Spring is here and is leaving me feverishly wanting to spend a horrendous amount of money on new clothes and shoes. Especially with this little Paris trip coming up, my wardrobe (and I) could really use a pick-me-up. Some fresh colors, some new boots, and some new shoes that aren't boots, too. These invasive thoughts about shoes have left some lingering questions.

1. Where do you buy ankle socks here??
2. Do cheap but decent shoes exist in Norway??
3. Why on EARTH do they not sell shoes in half sizes here?! Why, why, why. 37 is too small, and unless I'm layering up on socks in winter time, a 38 is too big.

The socks thing has been tricky. I moved here with plenty, and when I realized that I needed more wool on my feet everyday, I found some socks in the grocery store that would supplement my assortment just perfectly. Only they sell them 1 pair at a time (I used to buy 6 pairs of socks in a bag!) and your only choice is a crew sock.

In California, a classic selection at Target:
In Norway, a classic selection in the shampoo aisle at the grocery store (I actually have the exact same pair on my drying rack right now):

sorry for the random name, it was only picture of these socks I could find!
Now, I know I could probably fill all my sock needs at H&M - at least I hope I can, but there's a certain feeling of pleasure one gets from ripping open that new bag of socks from Target that I don't think I'll ever be able to feel here. 

On the other hand (or foot, hehe), it really doesn't matter. At all. 

If any of you US readers are in Target any time soon, take a stroll down the sock aisle for me and be thankful for all your choices!!


  1. Ha - I have those same red socks. Someone gave them to me when mine got wet and I never saw her again to return them. I love 'em. And now I know where to find myself another pair thanks to you. Never thought to look at the grocery store!

  2. You'll be in Paris---take an empty suitcase and have a great time buying your new clothes there!

  3. Girl i miss target everyyyyday. I would steer clear of ankle socks at hm however. In poland bought a pair because I developed blisters and they got a hole in them within a matter of two hours. Andre had the same thing happen. But I've gotten some from sports shops here and they are good quality!

    Don't ever get me started on half size shoes haha

  4. Ha! I'm headed to Target this morning...I will certainly think of you! Oddly enough, I usually buy socks when I visit Norway because they seem to fit my feet better? Or maybe just because that's all I can afford! ;)

  5. I've been living in Norway for over twenty years now, and still do most of shopping on my yearly trip back home.
    I don't know how many times I've heard people say... "Why do you need to bring THAT back to Norway?"
    Good question! Why Norway why?

  6. I feel your pain!I miss one stop shopping! I miss shopping in England like you would not believe. Luckily I internet shop and send it all to my lovely mum who then sends it on to me-marking it as a gift so I can avoid that nasty toll they like to punish you with here for daring to shop outside of Norway in the first place! When I travel home to England I always take a folded up hold all in my luggage so I can fill it with goodies. it's the only way-sadly!

  7. Try Sparkjøp for basics, there's one above Wallendhal in Strandgaten, my wife tells me that they're good for the simple stuff