Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh Mister Sun, Please (oh please!) Shine Down On Me

It's gotten to me.

All these clouds. 

All this rain. 

All the days when I wake up and think: today will be the day I feel the sun on my face!, only to be disappointed because I not only don't see the sun, I don't see the blue sky, either. (And I've only seen the moon twice since I've moved here - something I didn't realized I paid ANY attention to living under the clear skies in California, but now strangely miss). 

I made it through all the hail storms of September and October. 

I made it through the ever shortening days of November and December. The days you wake up and think it must only be 3 in the morning because it could not possibly be this dark during waking hours. 

I patiently made it through January and most of February stomping through the slush and nearly slipping on the ice, and happily noticing the world seems a bit brighter as the days slowly get longer (not sunnier, but longer nonetheless). 

I've been taking extra vitamin-D to preemptively avoid possible depression that comes from never seeing the sun. I gulp down 2 of these in the morning...: 

....which is a good alternative to the fish oil you could force down....: 

....but I hear that stuff is pretty gross and will make you look like this: 

The line at the bottom: "Not the easiest to give, but the best to get."

In any case, extra vitamin D or not, March was here. Again, I foolishly believed that I would finally win this hide-and-seek game with the sun. 

The days went by fast, and yet oddly enough, painfully slow. You know how it is when you're waiting for something. 

Finally, a few days ago, I came home, plopped myself down on the couch and nearly started to cry. I confessed to Stian my feelings in the whiniest and most pathetic voice I could make: I miss the suuunnnnnn

That was the honest truth - I couldn't take it anymore! I moved here, I made it through fall and winter, and with the promise of spring I assumed the sun would come out. I assumed. Wrongly, of course. Maybe I forgot which city we moved to. Either way, I was beginning to think I would never see good ol' Mister Sun again. 

Suggestions of the tanning bed came up...a popular thing here. I can't bring myself to do it - I never have and don't particularly want to start now. I was getting frustrated and restless. 

And then, like he might've known that his absence was making me desperately want to fly south and find him, he showed up today and fill my face, and heart, and soul with warmth. 

Sweet, wonderful warmth. 

He was out just long enough for me to sit on the patio with Stian and his family, watch the cat run around in the open spaces of the fjord, and appreciate his presence on this earth while all my anger and impatience melted away. 

Oh Mister Sun, you have no idea how much I've missed you. Don't go too far, I need your sunshine in my life.


  1. I don't envy that part of your's easy to forget how much the sun helps until you live for weeks or months without it. We lived in Portland, OR for several years and it wasn't until we moved to sunny AZ that we realized just how wonderful it is to wake up to sunny, blue skies everyday. It's been rainy and cold here the last few days and everyone is so happy to have a reason to stay indoors and cuddle up under a blanket!

    Love the fish oil ad--my boys must definitely be Norwegian because they actually ASK for their spoonful of fish oil everyday!

  2. I feel your pain, you're not alone. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now I live in Egersund Norway, a place where the sun often forgets to visit. But on the bright side (no punt intended) I have my viking...

  3. I know just how you feel, living in the Hebrides we rarely get to see the sun, and it drives us nuts!!!!!! x

  4. I just came back from a trip to the west coast of Norway and Bergen was among the stops (thought about you/your blog!). We had just enough good weather to fortunately enjoy the fløibanen, but otherwise it simply rained and rained. From just that short visit I can understand how you would feel, especially after moving from CA!! To be honest I'm not sure I could do it! I can't imagine the adjustments you have gone/are still going through.. Do you think you guys will settle in Bergen for good?