Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrating the "First's" in Bergen

Moving to a new country involves celebrating the little things. I've been here in Bergen nearly 2 weeks, and have had plenty of "First's" already.

I bought my first (of many, I'm sure) umbrella.

And then I got my first haircut in Bergen.

I lined dried our sheets and towels up in the common attic for the first time.

I put our laundry out on the patio in the unusual SUNSHINE to dry for the first time (and oh my, things dry so much faster with sunshine!).

And I gave myself my first pedicure in the new apartment.

I also made my first American friend, whom I adore, Megan. A fellow blogger and fellow American in Bergen, we became fast friends wandering around our new city together. Unfortunately, I think we were having too much fun to remember to take a picture together, so we'll just have to remember to take one next time to share with you.

I've found happiness in this little city, and it surprised me. Of course, I wasn't expecting to be overly sad or anything, but I was expecting to have a bit of harder time than I am. I know that I was ready for a change, and I was ready for Stian and I to finally be together (which is lovely. He went up the fjords without me the other day and while I'm used to not seeing him for months, I couldn't wait for him to come home again the next day).

I've met wonderful, wonderful people, and found a little sanctuary in the expat community here. Funny how things work out and seem so undeniably "meant to be."


  1. i loveddd this :) especially the paragraph about this new friend (she seems pretty a tad jealous). and PS i forgot to buy a new umbrella yesterday in bergen aghhhhh! can you pick me up one after the rihanna concert on the ground?! maybe mine is still there LOL :)

    hope you have a great weekend. and yes, i need to do ENGLISH trivia. norwegian was ridiculous. and they asked stupid questions (but i had fun b/c i had a beer)

  2. Welcome to Norway. I've been there and love it! I found your blog through both Selina and Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos. I'm your newest follower!