Saturday, August 6, 2011

Arriving in Norway: A Few Detours, A Grueling Hike, And Making Our Way to the Apartment

Upon arriving in Bergen, a good friend came to pick us up at the airport. Unfortunately, he couldn't fit us AND all of our luggage in his little car, so he took our stuff to his apartment and we took the bus.

Forty-five minutes later, we were reunited with our things. It was time to drive 3 hours North of Bergen to Stian's family home (mind you, this is AFTER at least 18 hours of traveling already...). In order to do that, we needed to do two things: 1) unpack an entire suitcase, shuffle many things around to get to things we would need for the weekend, repack (leaving quite a mess in our dear friend's apartment), and, 2) get Stian's Volkswagen Golf started again.  

The first thing wasn't so bad - only slightly annoying. The second thing wasn't so bad either - mostly hilarious. I only wish I knew where my camera was at the time because it was quite funny to watch the boys push the car out of a parking spot and down a hill with the hope of it miraculously starting. There are just some things I do not understand in this world, and how pushing a car down a hill would get it started again I'll never know. I stood faithfully by showing my support in the matter, but was of no assistance. While the boys worked their magic, I packed (err, unpacked?) and got our things ready to go. Somehow, quite awhile later, they got the car started and we headed for the fjord. 

We spent two great nights at his parents' home, packed up a van with some stuff for the apartment, and then headed to another part of the fjord to his family's farmland for a few days. We went on what was definitely the most grueling hike I've ever been on. We hiked up 1300 meters (approximately 4200 feet), pretty much just UP the entire way, crossed a few rivers, climbed over plenty of rocks, found some large patches of snow to walk over, and made it (about 4 and half hours later) to this, the top of the mountain overlooking the Nærøyfjord:

              At the most narrow part of the fjord, you can see two patches of trees on the right.
                 The closest one to you is where we started our hike and also where the
 family farm is located.  We were high up!
It was beautiful from the top. In fact the entire hike was beautiful - but tough. More pictures! 

Half way. Ish. 

The group we hiked with. Stian's older brother Tom and a few of his friends.  

Over that hill, there's a few more to conquer!

The grey/white mountain top in the upper left was our destination.

The hubby...happy to be back his homeland. :)

Me bringing up the rear...I don't know how to walk in snow!

On the top of the mountain, getting closer to our destination.

A heart-shaped rock the hubby found!

At the top!

And then we had to go down which, I'll say truthfully, was awful and punishment for the knees. A few hundred meters from the bottom my knees hurt so bad I almost (almost!!!) started crying. They were quivering like I've never felt them quiver and I was nervous that they would completely give out causing me to fall, rolling down the side of the mountain to my death (this thought contributed to the almost crying). The trail was just wide enough for one set of feet, no more, and the edges showed you that if you fell, you'd make a steady descent through shrubs and rocks all the way to the icy fjord water's edge. A week later, my legs have only just loosened up.

We spent a day relaxing in the lovely summer weather before hopping in the van, so loaded down with stuff that I had to crawl via the driver's side to sit next to two suitcases and the gear shift for the two hour drive. 

Our sweet ride...

In that van we squeezed two sofas, one double bed, wedding presents that were awaiting us in Norway, bedding, a box of dishes on loan from Stian's mom (so we have something to eat off of while we wait for our other things to arrive), suitcases, an xbox, and a flat screen tv. That thing was tightly packed! 

And here's a not-so-good-quality (okay, terrible quality) video that I took on the road....(I'm not fooling myself or anyone else by lying that it's a great video, because it's really not). 

We headed back to Bergen to get the keys to our apartment - our new home. Stay tuned!!


  1. I totally know what you mean about the wobbly knee thing it can be soo scary! looks like you had a lot of fun! i bet your glad to be finally in your new place :)

  2. Selina,
    want to be friends?! email me we can meet up soon?

  3. this kind reminds me of the reoccurring van scene in Little Miss Sunshine. what a chore! & i can't imagine the climb down, but oh my gosh what a gorgeous view & a gorgeous place to live. i love the creepy van.

  4. Welcome to Norway! It looks like you had the perfect initiation with that hike! :) I have bad knees as well and bought the most terrific pair of trekking poles at Platou (by Galleriet).

  5. yay that you met megan! she is awesome and love that you are from soCal! so am i!