Sunday, September 23, 2012


I'm back!

We got a new computer, thank goodness, and now I can start blogging again. I have so much to tell you, but for fear of a ridiculously long post, I think I'll start with the most recent thing first.

Perhaps most important of all is this: last Wednesday morning I took my driving test. I had been simultaneously loathing and looking forward to this moment. It stressed me out to the point of tears on more than one occasion, and I think I learned a pretty valuable life lesson. Failure happens. Facing the fact that you may actually fail at something you've tried so hard for and wanted so much is a very real possibility. I had to prepare myself for disappointment.

I cried over the idea of failing because I needed this. (My marriage needed this - we simply could not go on spending our free time together trapped in a car agitated with each other's actions or words - all of which were driving related, don't worry too much).

On the morning I took my test, I spent 3790 kroner ($660). That was to just to take the test. Nevermind the thousands of kroner I'd already invested in driving lessons up to this point. Then there was the added pressure that if I failed, I would not only be required to spend more money on lessons, but also pay this ridiculous fee the next time I attempted to get my license.

Shall we say, uff da?

I feel like maybe this a good moment for the old Mastercard commercial:

Driving Lessons: 9600 kroner ($1672)
Car rental for test (required): 2600 kroner ($453)
Test fee: 895 kroner ($156)
Driver's license photograph: 295 kroner ($51)

Passing your test on the first try and getting that Norwegian driver's license (førerkort) in the mail:

I'm so relieved.

So happy.

And so proud of myself. 

I have my independence back, and I know Stian and I are quite happy to put this experience behind us.

Next on the agenda: learn Norwegian and pass the fluency test. I refuse to stress about it now though as I am still basking in the glory of this personal triumph.

Hipp hipp, hurra!


  1. Big congratulations!

    I'm dreading and looking forward to being in your position! I haven't driven in so long but I took all my lesson in England and failed my driving test (My driving teacher took me to the wrong test centre then had to speed across town where I barely made my other one! By the time I got there my knees were so shaky there was no hope!)

  2. yayyyyy im so proud of you for working so hard (and paying so much) to get this! i know how important this was for you and how much you probably feel like you have a piece of you and your freedom back!!!!

    your 'car' arguments sound like my 'i need to learn this dang language' arguments with andre! im not much into driving (never have been after owning 4 different cars and totaling each of them at some point or another hahah!), but i know if some of my friends moved over here and were unable to drive how much it would drive them nuts and they'd honestly lose their i def know this is a HUGE deal :)

    congratulations to you and i hope you had a nice little celebration this weekend to honor the achievement! :)

  3. Congratulations! You're one step closer to being a real Norwegian :)