Sunday, August 26, 2012

harumph...I'll be back soon!

I was half way through my summer recap post, loaded with some great pictures of family and friends that came to visit, when I had to take a break (which lasted a few days). When I went back to finish it, I noticed my computer screen wasn't turning on.
Stian's computer stopped working months ago, so we've been sharing, but now that mine is no longer working, we have only these options: our phones and our tablet (Samsung's version of the ipad). Neither are great for blogging or checking email and writing long replies, and all my pictures are currently inaccessible.

It's likely I won't be blogging for awhile, which is unfortunate because I have lots to share!

I will try to blog when I can but frankly, it's really annoying typing things out on a touch screen so I can't imagine I'll do it often.

For the time being, I hope it's enough to say that all is well in Bergen! 

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