Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I Miss About California

I'm not homesick. Not yet at least, but every few days I think hmm, I would really love _____. And most of the time it's a California-something.

This morning I woke up and while making a cup of tea I thought hmm, I would really love some sourdough bread from Trader Joe's - toasted with melted butter on top. My old Saturday morning habit: take a cup of tea and some toast back to bed and watch something (usually Law and Order: SVU) on Netflix.

While "Tex-Mex" is mega popular here, it doesn't compare to Mexican food in California - something I definitely took for granted while living there. When I'm on Facebook and spot somebody's profile that I met while living in San Diego, I think hmm, I could really go for some food from Trujillo's right now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but were the fries covered in guac, sour cream, beef/chicken, and everything delish called the California fries? I can't remember, but they were good. Yum.

I think I need a good guac recipe for when we have taco night. Anybody have any good ones to share?

When I head to work in the morning after putting on my rain coat and shoving my feet into my wellies, I glance at my sunglasses sitting on the table on my way out and think it's been awhile since I wore those. They've been stuck to my face the last few years.

And finally, every so often, I think hmm, I would really love to drive. Drive up to Target....just for an hour - long enough to see what's in the entire store only to buy a pack of gum. I miss that store.

Oh, yeah. One more thing.

I've told you how I have to go outside in all weather with the kids at work. I've already grown weary of changing 27 three and four year old's in and out of their rain gear twice a day, but by the time we all get out, the fresh air is reward enough. This past week, after it poured like I've never seen it pour, the clouds parted and behind those big, ugly, dark gray puffs in the sky was...the sun. A warm sun. I took off my jacket and let it warm me up all over. I closed my eyes and all I thought was mmm. That's really nice. 


  1. The guacamole recipe I love is: avacados mashed, add some lime juice, salt to taste, and garlic. Pure but delis! If you want sometimes I finely chop red onion and add that as well depending on who I am serving it to! Is it fairly easy to find avocados there?

  2. Here's the Carrillo guac recipe: mashed avocados, sliced tomatoes (if the avocados are really ripe, take the seeds out of the tomatoes...if they're not super ripe, the seeds help moisten it up), pressed garlic, a finely chopped shallot (Gary leaves that out), a little lime juice. If you need it, add some salt and white pepper. When you serve it as a dip, put the avocado pits in the bowl to keep it from turning brown.

  3. ooh thanks!! avocados are easy to get, surprisingly.

    i'm looking forward to trying these! Stian doesn't like guac, so more for me! :)

  4. yes, i would like a trader joes here in bergen. i miss it ALOT.

    and tex-mex?! granted, ohio didnt have the greatest mexican food like when i lived in texas, but it still was cheap...that is all i ask. even andre is requesting enchiladas 3 nights a week here! its insane!!! (i secretly thinks he just wants me to cook so he doesnt have to...).

    i never lived in CA, even though i have visited, but i can say i honestly miss some sunshine.

    hope you're enjoyin the weekend!

  5. I was thinking of making a post like this too! I haven't found ANY good Mexican food here in Cape Town (yogurt does not replace sour cream!).
    @Meagan- At least Ohio has REAL Mexicans that can make authentic food. All the restaurants here have owners who have never been there or visited for two weeks...