Sunday, September 4, 2011

Introducing: Foodie Fridays

I can't cook. Well, I can with enough instructions, but I don't know much about it and have already had one too many quibbles as a newlywed about what to eat for dinner. While I'm a darn good baker, it's quite an art to put together a healthy meal everyday, but I lack creativity (among other things). The good news is that I'm ready and willing to learn!

So I'm asking you, dear readers, for help.

I reached the point where I asked my Facebook community for help as well. Within minutes I got a great chili recipe and a good website. That got me thinking....if I post on my blog about it, and take the recipes you give me, I can do a "Foodie Friday" feature about one of your recipes every week, and I'll even take pictures! It could be really fun, and it gives me good motivation to get out of the "spaghetti, other pasta, carbs galore" routine. Plus, I think it's way more fun to get recipes on a somewhat personal level.

So, send me your recipes.

You can send me websites you like as well, but please pick a favorite recipe from that site so I can try something you found yummy, easy, fun, or all of the above.

You can either post the recipe in a comment, or send it in an email to ""

I'm looking forward to doing this, so I hope lots of you participate. It's been fun trying to guess what the back of a Norwegian box of lasagna is instructing me to do, but I'm ready for an me out and I'll see you at the end of the week for the very first "Foodie Friday" post! :)


  1. I struggle with the same sitch as a newly wed and a new "house wife," if you will! It's a challenge at times going through the daily routine of "What's for dinner?" Now I totally understand how my mom felt :)

    My husband and I are fond of Wok since it changes up the "Norsk fisk og poteter" routine. Buy a bag of frozen wok veggies and cook according to the bag (I love easy too!). In addition: Uncle Ben's boil-in-a-bag rice (one bag is plenty for two ppl), jar of Uncle Ben's sweet & sour sauce, and then we buy the pre-cooked whole kylling which is way cheap compared to chicken breasts - and we only eat at most half at once, so you have another meal for later in the week.

    I cut up the half a chicken into pieces & heat it up in the s&s sauce in a saucepan, then once the veggies are done yet still crisp, I put it all together with the chicken/sauce. Serve over the rice and voila! Dinner! We buy Toro brand sweet chili sauce and add a bit on top to give it more juiciness ;)

    Hope you like the idea if you haven't already tried it! I'd be glad to send along some actual recipes once I try them, but I have liked this website for middag options, along with plenty of baking nummies to try (I am more of a baker too!):

    Good luck, girl! Foodie Friday sounds like a fun idea, you sure are creative!!

  2. Hi Alyssa! Really enjoy reading your blog and knowing that you are adjusting to life in Bergen. Here's a link to my blog - which is about food and cooking.

    Happy cooking!

    Hope to see you guys back in Cambria soon.


    PS; We have an exchange student from Bergen living in Morro Bay. Haven't met him yet but hope to sometime soon.