Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What A Wedding!

I woke up the morning after the wedding with a huge smile on my face because I woke up thinking about how delightful the wedding was the day before. A friend gave me some advice before the big day, and it was to take some time to step away from everyone to just observe. All day and all night, I kept reminding myself to do just that - and I think it was the greatest wedding present of all.

How happy everyone was!
How much fun everyone was having!
How handsome my husband looked!
How beautiful I felt!
How many people there were!
How lovely my family is!
How lovely his family is!

It was simply wonderful. We laughed, we cried, we ate well, we drank well, we danced. We celebrated.

I loved mixing the Norwegian traditions with the American - Stian wears his ring on his right hand because that's how they do it in Norway, I wear my ring on my left hand because that's how we do it in America.

Stian wore a traditional Bunad (which he looked mighty handsome in!) and I wore a mostly traditional white wedding gown.

We had 18 little kids in our wedding, carrying Norwegian flags and American flags (rather than a flower girl and ring bearer), and that was adorable.

The day was so much fun and it was such a good party! We ate beautiful and delicious cake....

...devoured some red, white, and blue candy....

...and had a teeny tiny bit of time to ourselves.

It was quite a day, and we had quite the party. Be on the lookout, I'll put up more pictures just as soon as I get them!


  1. Congrats! Your wedding and marriage are beautiful! I adore the colors you chose!

  2. We had such a wonderful time, congratulations again to you both!

  3. Congratulations it looked like a beautiful day <3

  4. congrats girl!!!! what a beautiful bride you were :)