Friday, June 3, 2011

Freak Out! And Then Have A Cup of Tea.

Suddenly, it's June.

T minus 27 days until I officially quit working.
T minus 30ish days until the wedding.
T minus a month and a half until the move.

I don't even want to begin to tell you about the 8 million things that need to get done. Okay, I'm grossly exaggerating, I don't really have 8 million things to do, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have a lot to take care of.

When I don't think it about too much, I stay cool as a cucumber. It's the times when I do think about it, perhaps excessively, that a queasy feeling comes over me and I think I just might vomit. For the record, I have never actually experienced anxiety-induced vomiting, but lately I've been closer than ever before. I just have to keep myself busy. I'm in a constant emotional tug-of-war: I'm very thankful to be working because it keeps me distracted, but I also wish I wasn't working so I could get everything done during normal business hours.

We recently had a 3 day weekend for Memorial Day, and I am still thrilled at how much I was able to take care of with just one day off from work. I shopped for wedding things, cleaned my room, did an incredible amount of laundry (which happens to be my arch nemesis - it never ends!), and started packing. I also gained an entirely new respect for Space Bags. I've always liked 'em, but it still baffles me to watch all that stuff shrink down to a third of the original size. Brilliant.

In the meantime, a bit of remodeling is taking place at my parents' house, so things are constantly being shuffled around - this means I have to keep track of where the wedding supplies and goodies have moved to or we might never find it when we need it...and that would be disastrous.

I'm counting down the days until my love arrives again...a week and a half already! It seems as though he was just here. I know that once he arrives, this whirlwind of events will really kick off. Friends and family start flying in shortly after he gets here, so there will be a lot of people to catch up with and imminent fun times ahead. I'm looking forward to the extra support of his presence, and the chance to work together to pull this thing off and start a new life together.

For now though, I'll savor the quiet moments alone with generous cup of tea and a few deep breaths.


  1. everything is approaching sooo quick! and im excited for you :-) i leave july 4, so i am stressed out beyond belief right now! i cant wait until the day when things have calmed down and we can grab a drink or coffee in bergen :-) have a great weekend!

  2. Megan,
    I bet you're super busy!! Things will change in flash, but calm down in a hurry, too.
    I am also looking forward to getting together in Bergen. My vote is for a beer somewhere in the city. Yes? :)
    Only a month left until your move, I hope it's all going well!!
    Take care!

  3. To Alyssa and Megan (I assume you are the other woman moving to Bergen this summer from California?) - I had a wonderful lunch last week with some women from the International Women's Group. There are a lot of great expats here to share the woes and joys of international living and living without family nearby. It's great to laugh with people who have gone through and are going through similar experiences. Good luck with the final preparations! I look forward to meeting you!