Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today, This Could Be Nirvana

I just have to share my enthusiasm.

It's Sunday and I've been enjoying a 4 day weekend.

The sun is out.

There are no clouds.

It's warm enough to wear shorts. You need sunglasses, too.

We finally have real patio chairs on our balcony where I sat to eat breakfast. I also sat there for lunch. I remained in my chair and let Stian make smoothies for a snack (last time he made them, he put the frozen berries at the bottom and when the blades wouldn't move, he stuck a wooden spoon in there....while it was still on. When I took in a big gulp, I found I had lots of wooden bits in my mouth. Not so delicious. No wooden bits this time, though! Everyone deserves a second chance, right?).

I'm getting sunburned, and I'm thrilled about it.

The smell of sunscreen brings about a sort of happiness and nostalgia that I can only explain as a habit of my life in another place.

I've been barefoot all day. (Not even socks, hooray!).

It gets better: it's only going to get warmer this week.

Mr. Sun, thank you very much for making this Californian in "rainytown" a happy girl today.



  1. this sounds idyllic! Happy Sunday!

  2. Haha, the wooden bits, that's too funny!!! Glad to hear you're enjoying the wonderful sun :)

  3. nice idea.. thanks for posting.