Monday, October 10, 2011

Palmolive makes _______, in Norway?!

There's been one thing I've found strange upon taking my first stroll in the grocery store, and each time I visit, I always end up a little puzzled.

When an American see's the brand "Palmolive" they immediately think: dishwashing soap. Nothing else. They imagine a bottle of green soap, a little picture of a hand holding up some kind of fancy stemware, and a pleasant scent.

Something like this:

Actually, exactly that. That reminds me of the early years of my childhood to be perfectly honest. 

But when I first came to Norway, I think I was taking a shower up at my husband's family farmhouse where I first spotted Palmolive Shower Milk. I remember glancing at it, then doing a double take thinking: did I really just see Palmolive on the edge of the bathtub?? 

Yeah. I did. 

Of course, I had to try it. It was so strange to me that I had no idea that Palmolive made anything BUT dish soap. 

Well, I loved it. I might even go so far as to say I think it's the best body wash I've ever used. Why don't they make it in the states? (Believe me, I looked). It was wonderful, and I was impressed. 

Now that I'm living here, I've noticed they also make hand soap. (Who knew?) 

That stuff is pretty amazing as well! My hands get pretty dry here, and usually cringe at the thought of washing my hands when they're particularly dry....but not with Palmolive. It's in our kitchen and it's actually relieves the dry, itchy, weather worn symptoms. 

You know what else they make that's amazing? Deodorant. Yep. I tried that too, and so far I'm satisfied. Granted, I've been using it for approximately 4.5 hours, but so far, so good! 

I'm just amazed that there is this whole line of products that I've never been aware of! And they're all pretty great!! 

I haven't seen this in stores yet, but Palmolive also makes shampoo and conditioner. I'm on the hunt for it because I have suspicions that those will be great as well. 

My world has definitely been opened up. Each of the products smell fantastic and are gentle on the skin.

The strange thing though, is the one product that Norway's Palmolive does not carry is dish soap. The only Palmolive thing I've been familiar with most of my life doesn't exist here. 

That's a bit odd, I think. 


  1. Palmolive hand soap is great! :)

    On the dish soap side of things, there is no competition for Zalo here. I think I may have seen a stores own brand, but I doubt any Nordman buys anything other than Zalo!

    I'm always open to being proved wrong tho! :)

  2. You can find shampoo and conditioner in Sparkjop.
    I did not know Palmolive has washing up liquid :)

  3. hahahah laughing so hard at this. im laughing because i cant remember life without palmolive products. ill admit, i hate that deodorant (i bought it last time i was in norway because i ran out), but i like the body wash, etc. i actually had to stop buying the body wash because i found dove SUPER cheap at h&m, and dove just outshines everything in my opinion...but palmolive still worked well! i find it weird that vaseline makes body wash here too. oh well!