Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moving Internationally - Step #1

I often find myself asking how does one really move overseas? I'm not sure I can give you a conclusive answer, so I'll let you know what I find out after I get there. For now though, there's always speculation.

Obviously, it doesn't really feel like you're moving anywhere unless you haul a bunch of your crap with you. I could call it "personal items," "things," or "sentimental dust collectors," but in any case, it's crap. It's just some stuff you've acquired over time, called your own, and now that it owns you, you've got to take it with you.

I've fallen into the "trap of crap" (ha, yes! remember folks, you read it here first), and now I have to figure how to get it across 5200 miles of land and sea (from the freeways to the fjords!). Not an easy task, and I have plenty of research to do on the matter, but as of right now I've got some suitcases that will hopefully take the majority of my clothes, shoes, make-up, and other "things." Everything else (i.e., wedding presents), will be shipped via sea freight and arrive in Norway in about a month after it's shipped. I suppose that's how this is going to work.

I am trying to clean out my closet every few weeks, but the door can't seem to stay closed because of the monstrous amount of clothes shoved in there. (I have to admit, that problem is probably due to my constant clothing replenishment every so often at the mall....).  I'm going to take my first step towards moving by purchasing something that will help: Space Bags. In fact, after I buy them, I'm going to fill them up with my winter clothing. I may even ship a box or two over to Bergen to be cared for by friends that have agreed to participate in Alyssa's Adopt-A-Box program.

Wish me luck, and let's all hope this move doesn't cost more a thousand big ones.


  1. So funny, I have an adopt-a-box program too, been working well, I think, since I'm not sure if my stuff still is with my friends ;). And yeah, space bags rock!! Good luck!

  2. Ohhhh man this is what I'm dreading most! I officially leave July 4 and haven't even started going through my closet! I'm getting rid of almost everything. Its gonna be strange going from having a possession obsession to literally nothing (ok- some essentials). :) when are u heading over for good??? :)

  3. Megan,
    How can you get rid of it?! I thought I wanted to get rid of it, and then I remembered how poor we'll be when we first start out, so I'm taking as much clothes as I can fit into my suitcases because I don't think I'll be able to shop much.
    good luck pitching everything, girlfriend! you've got more will power than me! :P
    And the flight is schedule for july 26, so i'll be there on the 27th.
    i'm expecting to meet up with you sometime after i arrive!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Alyssa - I know this feeling! When we moved here 7 years ago we thought we were only go to stay for 3 years and only brought the basic essentials and stored the rest in my parents basement - there were so many things I wish I had brought! (like photos! why did I think I wouldn't miss these? And personal items like serving dishes that I got at my wedding.) Yes, it is possible to do without these things, but they are in the end what makes a place feel like home. So my advice: take the things that will help you to feel as though you are really living in Norway. That the space around you is yours.

    Clothes are really expensive here, so keep what you can! The vacuum bag space savers are a great idea.

    What I didn't need that I brought: bedding. The beds are all different sizes here!

    We have finally decided to ship the rest of our things from my parents' basement in Indiana and they are due to arrive in 2 weeks. I'm actually terrified about this -- where in the world am I going to put 72 boxes of STUFF in a house that is already full????


    But GOOD LUCK!

  5. wait - revise what I said about bringing clothes. You are coming from LA where it is sunny and warm - leave ALL your clothes! ;) But seriously, I brought so many pairs of high heels and sandals that I have never worn...