Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three Grand? No Big Deal...

The prospect of buying a one-way ticket to anywhere is slightly frightening. What's even scarier is how much they cost these days! For some reason, a one way ticket to Norway is double the price of a round trip ticket. It makes absolutely no sense. Stian can fly from Norway and back again for $1800 (umm..yikes?), but booking the same flight for me one way to Norway costs $3450. All I have to say is "WHAT THE #*^@!!!!" How does that even make sense? And why must this be one more annoyance on our overly long list of hoops to jump through in order to convince the universe that we should be together?? All we want to do is fly to our new home together after the wedding without draining our bank accounts entirely. Is that so much to ask?

I'm prioritizing and creating a plan to convince airlines that this is unacceptable. Plan #1: Threaten to go to the papers about how a certain airline, which will certainly be named, is tragically keeping two newlywed lovebirds (who are also quite poor at the moment) apart despite all their best efforts to be together after 2 years and 5,200 miles of time and distance between them. Note: I will be as dramatic as possible, and I think this is a good start.

I'm also open to suggestions.


  1. Can you just book the roundtrip for the cheaper price and not take the returning flight? Airlines are silly.

  2. Or you can just buy a two-way ticket for half the price and use it one way. Screw the airline. They can call your name at the airport as long as they want :D

  3. I found a one way to Norway in January for an insanely cheap $650, but every other day was minimum $1800. I should have known it was bad news....I bought it from and when the day came to depart, there were one of those crazy storms in the northeast, and my flights were canceled. They said the only way i could get a refund was to pay $300.....uh NO. So after hours of phone time with, SAS, Lufthansa (and tears...), i finally wrangled my way onto a flight. It was the worst experience ever. DO NOT buy from even if it's cheap. not worth it. Anyways....I agree with Kim above, just buy a roundtrip and dont return :) Lykke til!!!

  4. ask for donations at your wedding. :D ha!

  5. First,
    I love that you all are reading my blog!! That puts a big smile on my face!
    I did look at roundtrip tickets, it's $1000 cheaper than the one way, but still about $1000 over priced. I guess that's a win?